We can print all your requirements from smart cards through to disk. Alternatively, why not use our FTP Site to upload your files for printing. This is becoming very popular. It’s fast, simple and saves on postage.


On a PC please copy and paste into windows explorer. To do this open your start menu and select computer and paste the above into the URL box and press return and on a MAC copy the above into your Safari browser.

Then type in the Username and Password as follows:

USERNAME: truecolourftp
PASSWORD: images

Then simply drag your images into the appropriate surface and size folders. Shortly after your upload has completed you would then need to send us a quick email with your order details or place an order document on the ftp site with your files. To achieve optimum results from this service your monitor must be calibrated correctly. Our profile can be found on our ftp site. Please phone for a test print and installation instructions to be sent to you.