About us

LAB35 was established in 1981 by the founders - Keith Lyons and Colin Skears - they envisaged a specialist laboratory dedicated to the needs of the discerning 35mm photographer and offering ‘quality at affordable prices’. Lab 35 was established

In the early 80’s LAB 35 pioneered full-format 35mm machine printing and today offer a complete range of ‘full-format’ machine and hand enlargements. In 1990 we were awarded Kodak Q-lab status for our E6, C41 and RA4 processes and now boast Q-lab and Fujitech monitoring.

Our highly skilled production team has earned an enviable reputation for excellence and we wanted to bring these traditional standards to the digital arena. So, in a joint project with Kodak, we developed a DIMA award winning digital printer to produce real photographic prints from digital files. We’ve also introduced an extensive range of Digital services including 35mm and 120 full-roll scanning to CD, internet upload plus our unique ProDigital Direct software. And this year, we are proud to launch Lab35 On-Line image hosting for professional and event photographers.

For our many loyal photographers who prefer analogue, the good news is that Lab 35 will continue to offer traditional processing for the foreseeable future. Indeed, we have recently installed additional optical printing equipment to increase productivity on our C41 and RA4 processes. There are also new services for E6 transparency users and we’ve extended our B/W Monochrome range for 35mm & 120 package deals and machine prints - along with fibre based paper options.

Though we’ve grown considerably during the past 25 years personal service is still very much a priority. So mail order customers can contact us by telephone or e-mail Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm and personal callers are welcome at reception throughout the working week.

Whether traditional or digital, our commitment to quality remains undiminished. We want you to get the best from your photography. So if you need help or technical advice please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or telephone for immediate information and updates.

Abridged terms and conditions

Films of special value must be insured by the customer.

Liability for loss or damage: Unless prior written arrangements are made with the company, films and/or materials are accepted on the basis that their value, in the event of loss or damage, is limited to their cost and any charges paid. Consequential Loss: The Company will not accept any liability or be responsible for consequential loss or damage howsoever arising.

Note: Placing an order assumes acceptance of our terms and conditions as printed on order forms & available on request.

Service times are intended as a guide only - please allow for postal and peak period delays.

First class freepost mailer provided.

All prices include VAT. Minimum charge £3.00 per order.

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